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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Her Global Snapshot - Further Reading, watching and resources

It's 2013, and her picture is bleak. It's a picture of inequality. It's a picture of injustice.
From New Zealand to China, Ethiopia to Yemen, Congo to Cambodia, throughout the Globe women face inequality and injustice on a daily basis. Her Global Snapshot: Domestic Violence, Female Genital Mutilation, Honour Killings, Breast Ironing and Human Traffiking doesn't begin to brush the surface of the injustice.
She is Beautiful. She is Strong. She is gifted. She is a Woman.
And she deserves better than this!

If you haven't read 'Her Global Snapshot' make sure you check it out before reading on, but be warned, the content is disturbing.

There is ample information out there about the injustice and inequality faced by women daily in New Zealand and around the world. Here are some issues and helpful websites/books/clips that you might find useful in your endeavour to become better informed and involved. Find the section below that interests you the most and get informed. Most of these organisations I've become aware of through reading a book called "Half the Sky" which I  HIGHLY recommend! You can buy it here, check out the website, pinterest page, or join the movement on facebook. Other sites have been through searching on the web.

The links and info I've posted here could be really overwhelming, so I suggest starting with one of the following links:
Half The Sky
Commission on the Status of Women
Stop the Traffik

... and I highly recommend A walk to Beautiful documentary, definitely watch this!!!

For more research check out these sites over the next wee while.

Domestic Violence:

A talk by domestic violence survivor (Leslie Morgan Steiner) answering some of the common questions associated with domestice violence. Well worth the time.

New Zealand Womens Refuge. A whole lot of information about domestic violence and where to get help.

Ways to get involved in the prevention of domestic violence from the New Zealands 'Are You Ok' campaign.

World Health Organisation Fact Sheet

Equal pay rights in New Zealand:
Statistics New Zealand quarterly employment survey (for the September quarter 2012):
The gender pay gap has increased to 14.18%
Up 1.3% from 12.85% in the year to September.
Women are paid on average around $3.90 an hour less than men.
(Statistics New Zealand. (2012). quarterly employment survey: September quarter 2012).
For more info and to get involved visit:

Breast Ironing:
I've been able to find little information about initiatives fighting this, what I did find here seems to be quite old, but worth reading anyway. An obvious need for action here. If anyone finds anything more recent, let me know.

The most obvious place to start is at Stop the Traffik and http://www.humantrafficking.org/

Sex Traffiking:

Maternal Health around the world:

http://www.friendsofunfpa.org/netcommunity/page.aspx?pid=213 - focuses on women's maternal health rights and equality.

Fistulas and Fistula repairs:

A walk to Beautiful documentary - A documentary telling the stories of women with Fistulas and how fistula surgery has changed their lives ... AMAZING!!!
Agencies fund raising for and providing fistula surgeries for women:
www.ednahospital.org - A hospital in Somaliland, always after volunteers
www.fistulafoundation.org - supports Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia
www.healafrica.org - runs a hospital in the Congo that repairs fistulas and takes care of rape victims
www.womensdignity.org - supports repairs of fistulas in Tanzania
www.worldwidefistulafund.org- building a fistula hospital in Niger

Get more informed and involved through the fistula foundation

Other ways to empower women through micro financing schemes or education initiatives:

More global information:
Information from the Commission on the Status of Women which took place a the beginning of March this year.

Inspirational clips:






And there is soooo much more once you get looking, no excuse for ignorance really! Do you know of any that is worth us checking out, leave the link in my comments section below.
All the best as you become informed and join the fight for justice and equality for women worldwide!


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